Keep Safe & Clean – Join Stanley’s Team

Update due to Coronavirus March 2020

Here at Active Kids Adventure Park we have always been keen on keeping things clean, tidy and safe for everyone.

In the current climate this will carry on as normal, which includes the deep cleaning and sanitising of our soft play toys on a daily basis!

We have installed extra hand sanitisers throughout the business and will keep our soap dispensers full at all times and ask that you all make use of them, adults as well as children – especially on arrival to and departure from the facility.

Please wash your hands with soap and water using the NHS guidelines for how to do it properly and length of time etc.

You may also see us doing just that little bit extra with door handles, card machines – places that a lot of people will touch. Please don’t let this alarm you. We just want to keep our customers and staff healthy and safe.

We will not be using our usual hand stamps for just now (sorry kids! already this is not going down well) and encourage the wearing of stickers or wristbands for all.

We are business as usual and if you need anything when you are here please ask. 🙂

Keep Safe & Clean – Join Stanley’s Team!
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